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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

13. Blogs

The blogosphere allows people with similar interests to connect and share information with each other no matter where they are. 

Foodies have embraced the phenomenon of blogging and there is an ever-expanding number of food blogs in cyberspace. 

Foodies will read numerous food blogs for other peoples thoughts on food, experiences with recipes and reviews of eateries. 

Foodies want to share their own musings on food by commenting on other people’s blogs or having their own blog to document their eating and cooking experiences. 

Food blogs provide a great resource for recipes and inspiration for cooking new dishes, and can be used to learn how to cook as people detail their cooking endeavours and write about their failures and provide helpful tips. 

Food blogs also let foodies know where they should or shouldn’t eat. Watch out restaurants, cafes and bars….now anyone can be a food critic!

More importantly, food blogs are the best source for food porn (it's free and unrestricted)!

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