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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2. Cooking

Everyone has to cook food at some point, as we all need to eat. But cooking for a foodie is not just a part of the routine of life, like brushing your teeth. Cooking is like a hobby or sport for a foodie - something to study and engage in, in our free time. Foodies seek to understand the ingredients used and the proper preparation of food. 

For foodies, cooking offers a creative outlet, a great feeling of accomplishment when a dish has been cooked well, life is better when you are cooking as it allows you to unwind from working for the man and loose yourself in the processes… cooking makes us feel human.  

Any maybe cooking did make us human…

Harvard biological anthropologist, Richard Wrangham, published a book in 2009 called Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human which argues that cooking was what facilitated our evolution from ape to human, and examines the central role that cooked cuisine has had on the biological and social evolution of humanity.

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